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Starting Your Journey Towards Privacy-Compliant AI Solutions

In today’s data-driven world, organisations rely too heavily on legacy data analytics and data privacy technologies, which bear many hidden risks and a false sense of security in the institutions that use them. This reliance, together with the restrictions on data usage imposed by regulation, is inhibiting data-driven innovation across the industry.

We at experiens AI believe that it is only by empowering your existing organisation to understand and use Artificial Intelligence Technologies and Emerging Privacy Enhancing Technologies, will you fully master the digital transformation. Let us guide you through the next step in of your journey towards growth.

Our Services

We offer a unique, holistic approach to kickstarting company-wide AI and Emerging PETs initiatives: we help you define the problem and the success metrics before developing the AI solution pipeline; we help you select the right PET for your AI solution; we introduce you to the best-in-class technology partners to build a secure data ecosystem; we help you coordinate your AI and PET initiatives, controls and audits. 

Our expertise is based on cutting edge, hands on practical experience in leading projects, developing internal AI and PETs strategies, coaching and advising business practitioners about AI and PETs in one-on-one session and at top-tier business schools and universities in Europe such as ESADE Barcelona, University of Fribourg and Applied University of Bern in Switzerland.

Technology Advisory

Reduce significantly existing privacy risks, and allow the implementation of privacy- by-design principles. We will help your organisation to adopt a strategic approach to PETs, so it may finally escape the privacy-value creation dilemma in which privacy protection occurs at the expense of innovation (and vice versa).

AI & Privacy Leadership Coaching

You don’t have to have any technical background in order to lead the AI transformation in your organisation. In the span of just a few days you can reach the AI and Emerging PETs literacy needed to confidently manage an internal data initiative. 

Data Thinking

We are pleased to offer a wide array of proven solutions to assist you in kick-starting your AI project pipeline, defining the milestones on both the technical and business side of the AI equation, as well as for developing your AI strategy or Privacy-by-Design policies.

Let’s work together

We specialize in building bridges between your business, information security and data teams, while making sure that your organisation will get the most out of your data. Here is how it works:

Schedule A Meeting

Find out where you stand, what you need and how could you achieve your objectives. Contact us and we will begin our journey towards tailoring PET solutions for your business together.

Develop A Plan

We show you the different alternatives and break your Privacy-by-Design 2.0 journey down to manageable steps and avoid roadblocks in the areas of data infrastructure and governance, data privacy, ML fairness…

Get It Done

We help you achieve your data objectives and let your business stay competitive in the age of AI.

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