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Starting Your AI Journey

Humans fear the unknown. AI is the next big unknown your organisation now faces. The decision whether to perceive it as a threat or to seize it as an opportunity rests with you.

We at experiens AI believe that it is only by empowering your existing organisation to understand, use and ultimately develop its own AI solutions, will you fully master the art of AI transformation. Let us guide you through the next step in of your journey towards growth.

Our Services

We offer a unique, holistic approach to kickstarting company-wide AI initiatives: through educating employees, we augment company culture so that it is more data-driven, and ultimately create a positive influence on all employees’ perception and usage of AI.

Our expertise is based on cutting edge, hands on practical experience in leading AI projects, developing internal AI strategies, coaching and advising business practitioners about AI in one-on-one session and at top-tier business schools and universities in Europe such as ESADE Barcelona or University of Fribourg in Switzerland.

We offer support to companies in various stages of the AI journey: from the initial kick-off meeting to the first AI project, culminating in the development and implementation of a cohesive overall AI strategy. Our experience enables us to understand situational and systemic challenges, anticipate stumbling blocks along the way, and offer our customers praxis-proven approaches on how to harness the benefits of AI technology.

AI Escape Rooms

Dive into a likely future AI business scenario that is relevant and specifically tailored to your employees. Let them experience At the venue of your choice, solve the data-driven puzzles and win the game. We offer a one of a kind off-the-shelf escape room set that will help you initiate the cultural change necessary to approach AI as an opportunity for company growth.

AI Leadership Trainings

You don’t have to have any technical background in order to lead the AI transformation in your organisation. In the span of just a few days you can reach the AI maturity needed to confidently manage an internal AI initiative. During a 2 days masterclass, business leaders will learn how to better assess the potential of AI for their businesses, avoid common pitfalls when implementing AI/ML in their organisations and initiate and execute successful data driven projects.

AI Use Case Ideation

We are pleased to offer a wide array of proven solutions to assist you in kick-starting your AI project pipeline, defining the milestones on both the technical and business side of the AI equation, as well as for developing your AI strategy.

Let’s work together

We specialize in building bridges between your business and data teams, while making sure that your organisation will get the most out of AI. Here is how it works:

Schedule A Meeting

Find out where you stand, what you need and how could you achieve your objectives. Contact us and we will begin our journey towards tailoring AI solutions for your business together.

Develop A Plan

We show you the different alternatives and break your AI journey down to manageable steps and avoid roadblocks in the areas of ML infrastructure and automation, data privacy, ML fairness…

Get It Done

We help you achieve your AI objectives and let your business stay competitive in the age of AI.

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